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The PSPC and its constituent organisations are working to ensure that politicians and the public are better informed about the facts of public service pensions and the case for pensions reform to protect pensioners against poverty.

The PSPC's 2017 Manifesto for Public Service Pensioners sets out the issues of priority for the PSPC's members and constituent organisations in the light of the attacks on public service pensions. The Manifesto is regularly reviewed by the Executive Council.

The PSPC is seeking a commitment from all political parties to:

  • An early review of the possible inclusion of existing pensioners in the single-tier pension on a no detriment basis
  • A 15-year transitional period for derived rights accrued under the current system
  • Increase all state pensions (including S2P/SERPS) in line with the triple lock of prices, earnings or 2.5 per cent
  • Maintenance of pass-ported benefits for those with single-tier pension and no other income
  • Secure widows/widowers pensions for life in public sector schemes
  • Entitlement to state pension increases for all pensioners living outside the UK, irrespective of the country in which they live
  • Secure a fair outcome for the women affected by changes in the State Pension Age under the 2011 Pensions Act

Join us

If your organisation would like further information about joining PSPC, please contact the General Secretary on: 020 8688 8418 or email pspc@cspa.co.uk

The annual subscription payable by accepted organisations for the year 2018-19 is:

  • Membership 1,000 and under: £130
  • Membership 1,001 to 10,000: £200
  • Membership 10,001 to 20,000: £263
  • Membership over 20,000: £338

Available to download

Jeremy Wright MP Letter

Tom Watson MP Letter

PSPC letter to BBC

Response from BBC on free TV licence for over 75s

Constitution (as at October 2018)

Reply from Dominic Raab on leaving the EU

Response from HMT on the use of different inflation rates

Evidence to the House of Lords Intergenerational Fairness and Provision Committee

Letter to Liz Truss July 2018

PSPC response to the House of Lords Economic and Financial Affairs Committee consultation on the use of the Retail Prices Index

Letter to Dominic Raab - July 2018

Reply from Liz Truss - March 2018

Letter to Liz Truss March 2018

The PSPC have submitted written evidence to the Labour Party Policy Forum consultation on State Pension age - You can read our submission at this link or download the attached document

Letter to Liz Truss on inflation index (Dec 2017)

Letter to Liz Truss

Letter to David Davis

PSPC Template Letter to Parliamentary Candidates

PSPC 2017 General Election Manifesto

PSPC response to the consultation on indexation and equalisation of GMP in public service pension schemes

PSPC response to the ONS discussion paper on a Household Inflation Index

PSPC response to the consultation Measuring Consumer Prices: the Options for Change

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The following documents are in pdf format.

Reply from Liz Truss on inflation index

Reply from Liz Truss

Reply from David Davis

PSPC Manifesto for Public Service Pensioners 2015

PSPC and CSPA Briefing on Public Service Pensions

PSPC Response to Hutton Commission

Lord Hutton - Initial Report October 2010

Lord Hutton final call for evidence December 2010 - PSPC Response

Lord Hutton - Final Report March 2011

PSPC Response to DWP Green Paper - A state pension for the 21st century

PSPC Response to Office for National Statistics (ONS) Owner Occupier Housing Costs CPI Consultation

PSPC Response to Office for National Statistics (ONS) consultation on options for improving the RPI

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